Product Size Chart
GÖĞÜS ALTI / UNDER BREAST 87-102 102-133
· It is washed without rubbing at 30 degrees of water with a bar of soap by hand. Do not wash in the washing machine. It is dried at room temperature on a towel.
· Do not tumble,do not dry clean, do not wring, do not iron, do not bleach, do not use detergent or fabric softener.
· Must not be exposed to sunlight , dust or humidity.
· The product is worn as in the photograph.
· Fitting must be as the measurement chart. It is dangerous to wear without compliying the measurement chart.
· It is used per doctor`s advice. Always consult a doctor.
· If rash develops, pain starts or conditions get worse; consult a doctor.
· Avoid to use the product , if you have sensitivity or allergies against the materials used in the product.
· Provides controlled pressure on the treatment area.
· Provides comfort along with the effective and productive compression thanks to the special designed breathable fabric , stitches and pattern.
· Provides micro-massage effect to the body thanks to the multi-directional elastic fabric.
· Available in beige and black.
· Recommended for post-operative period after liposuction operations such as on abdominal , hip , back , thigh , calf , arm etc.
· Helps to reduce swelling and the scar, to shape the body contours and also to speed up the healing process after liposuction operations.
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